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(From Korea) ALLDA, Cooking Master

RM4,600.00 RM4,300.00

All in One Cooker, covering 12 cooking features to provide you with easier cooking and healthier meals for the family.

RM4,600.00 RM4,300.00


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A powerful smart multicooker with scale, timer, mixer, juicer, chopper, dough maker, blender, grinder, whisk, porridge maker, cooker and steamer.


Model: ALLDA-1000

Motor: 500W / 40rpm ~ 11,000rpm (BLDC Type Switched Reluctance Motor)

Heater: 1000W / 37°C  ~ 120°C

Built in Scale: Maximum 3kg

Container: Maximum 2,500cc, SUS

Rated voltage: 220V / 50Hz ~ 60Hz

Power consumption: 1,500W

Setting time: Maximum 99min 59sec

Blade separation: Detachable

Dimension (L x W x H): 300 x 310 x 304mm (Body), 380 x 310 x 418mm (Including steamer)

Weight: 7.3 kg (Body), 8.4 kg (Including steamer)

Come with: The main body, steamer (steamer plate, steamer lid), cooking bowl, bowl lid, measuring cup, cooking basket, whisk, spatula ,blade, recipe book

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(From Korea) ALLDA, Cooking Master
(From Korea) ALLDA, Cooking Master

RM4,600.00 RM4,300.00

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